Vitamin A on hearts of palm


There are foods on the market whose components help us maintain a healthy vision, and one of them is the heart of palm. It contains vitamin A which, among other benefits, helps our visual acuity at nights and also prevent … View more

Hearts of palm: ideal for pregnant women

hearts of palm help pregnant women

The hearts of palm are not only a delicious food, but will also contribute with folic acid or B9 for pregnant women, this is a vitamin that prevents defects on the baby and after the birth will help increase the … View more

Let’s try some hearts of palm!


The remarkable contribution of hearts of palm fiber makes it a food that provides an important sense of satiety, promotes intestinal transit and helps to maintain correct levels of blood cholesterol. This, coupled with its low caloric value, makes it … View more

All you need!

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The main component of hearts of palm palm is water, followed by carbohydrates and less protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Eating hearts of palm benefit your health and your social life!

nota 1 i heart palm

Eating hearts of palm is a natural and healthy way to eat.  Hearts of palm aid digestion and provide protein and vitamins to our body; also 14% of the daily fiber requirements. But the best part is that they are … View more

Hearts of palm nutritional properties


Hearts of palm, the food that melts in your mouth apart from being delicious, is highly nutritious. Within its nutritional properties include: – Copper: it’s important for the proper functioning of organs and metabolic processes. – Potassium: manages blood pressure … View more