The best you can eat!

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Consume hearts of palm, along with other vegetables and healthy food for a wide range of vitamins to support your health.

Beware of calories

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If you are preparing a salad with hearts of palm, note that many salad dressings contain fats and oils rich in calories and a hearts of palm salad abundantly covered with dressing becomes a dish high in fat.

Let’s help our body!

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Hearts of palm prevents anemia and strengthens the body’s defenses, plus it aids digestion.

Vitamin A on hearts of palm

Healthy vision with hearts of palm

There are foods on the market whose components help us maintain a healthy vision, and one of them is the heart of palm. It contains vitamin A which, among other benefits, helps our visual acuity at nights and also prevent … View more

Hearts of palm: ideal for pregnant women

Hearts of palm is good for pregnant women

The hearts of palm are not only a delicious food, but will also contribute with folic acid or B9 for pregnant women, this is a vitamin that prevents defects on the baby and after the birth will help increase the … View more

Let’s try some hearts of palm!

Easy and healthy recipes

The remarkable contribution of hearts of palm fiber makes it a food that provides an important sense of satiety, promotes intestinal transit and helps to maintain correct levels of blood cholesterol. This, coupled with its low caloric value, makes it … View more