Have a better digestion with hearts of palm!

Better digestion with hearts of palm

Due to its high content of fiber, hearts of palms fight constipation improving your digestive system.

Only 25 calories per 4 hearts of palm!

Get more energy eating hearts of palm

Hearts of palm are ideal for maintaining a balanced diet due to its low calorie contribution. In addition, the type of calories given by hearts of palm, are important in order to have energy when doing physical activity.

Enjoy the Hearts of Palm Fair in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a major consumer of hearts of palm and the creativity of the Ticos make them create almost any kind of dish with this delicious product. In Tucurrique (Cartago, Costa Rica) there is a yearly event where many … View more

French people are the biggest consumers of hearts of palm

consumption of hearts of palm in France

France is the country that tops the list as the largest importer and consumer of hearts of palm in the world. In 2014 this European country imported 13,448 tons of hearts of palm. The high consumption of hearts of palm … View more

Healing properties of hearts of palm

Due to its high content of zinc consuming hearts of palm will help heal wounds faster, so you can safely continue your daily routine.

Hearts of palm keeps you healthy!

The high content of vitamin C in the palm is favorable to maintain high defenses of the body, as this vitamin is essential for the development of the immune system.