A hearts of palm fair in Costa Rica

The first Hearts of Palm Fair was held in March of 2010, in the town of Tucurrique, at the province of Cartago. This activity rescues all the traditional elements of a country fair, such as the sale of fresh vegetables … View more

Hearts of Palm Division of Gruma Centroamerica received award for environmental innovation

Demasa Hearts of Palm Division, part of Gruma Central America, was recognized for its technological innovation practices in environmental matters. This award has enabled the company to be internationally noticed as a plant specialized in the production and marketing of … View more

Demasa hearts of palm division aims to be carbon neutral in 2014

Demasa – Palmito division plans to cut 20% of its CO2 emissions and increase energy independence with a solar power plant. Currently the company is in the second stage to get certified as carbon neutral. Source: El Financiero (Natalia Diaz … View more

Like Crab, Like Palm

Hearts of palm forms part of one of the recipes that appear in the popular book “Crazy Sexy Kitchen”, part of New York Times Best Sellers list, and the work of chef Chad Sarno and bestselling author, speaker and health … View more

Hearts of palm at SIAL Paris 2012

Past month, Demasa (the World’s largest producer/exporter of preserved hearts of palm), was present at SIAL Paris 2012, the World’s largest food fair involving some 5,900 companies from 200 countries. Nine “Tico” companies were at the exhibition, offering pasta, rice, … View more

Hearts of Palm in Iron Chef

In the Kitchen Stadium´s battle, the Chairman provided not one but a whole cornucopia of ingredients. He challenged the Iron Chef and his challenger to create an inspired tropical meal. Some of the ingredients on the altar, such as coconuts, … View more