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Minced Hearts of Palm with Turkey Cutlets

Turkey Cutlets with Minced Hearts of Palm

Ingredients • 1 can of Hearts of Palm, thinly sliced • 45 ml(3 tablespoons) of olive oil • 30 ml(2 tablespoons) of chopped fresh chives • 15 ml(1 tablespoon) of chopped fresh tarragon • 5 ml(1 teaspoon) of finely grated … View more

Heart of Palm wrapped with Prosciutto

Heart of Palm wrapped with Prosciutto

Ingredients • 1 can of Heart of palm • 8 ounces of proscuitto • 1/2 cups Dijon Mustard • 1 can Black Olives Directions 1. Cut each piece of heart of palm in half so that you have 2 shorter … View more

Crabless Cakes with Hearts of Palm and Corn

Crabless Cakes with Hearts of Palm and Corn

When chopped, hearts of palm look like crab meat that you can use in crabless cakes, ideal for those who like vegan and healthy food or are vegetarians Ingredients 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for frying 2 1/2 … View more

Chicken Breast with Heart of Palm Sauce

Chicken breast with heart of palm sauce

Ingredients • 4 boneless chicken fillets • 1 can of Hearts of Palm • 1 tbsp butter • 1 leek stalk • 2 cups of heavy cream • 50 g of gorgonzola cheese • 1 tbsp of chopped parsley • … View more

Basil Hearts of Palm Tapenade Penne

Ingredients: • 1 jar of  Hearts of Palm Tapenade with basil La Cima • 250g of penne • 2 tomatoes • 1/2 cup of onions • 1/2 cup of bell peppers • 2 garlic cloves • 2 teaspoons of sugar … View more

Roasted Artichoke, Garlic, and Hearts of Palm Spread

Makes about 1 cup, uses canned artichoke hearts. Ingredients: 1/2 can (about 4) artichokes, halved or quartered 4 cloves garlic, peeled 1/2 can hearts of palm 2 Tbsp Olive Oil Pinch salt, to taste Directions: Spread artichoke  and garlic on … View more