Gruma’s Hearts of Palm Division and Renewable Energy: Innovation and Recognition

sustainable industry in Costa Rica

Nowadays, when natural resources have to be harnessed and used in harmony with the environment, innovation must take an important place in the objectives of companies, because it affects other fields related to the industry such as politics, society, consumers, environment and energy.

GRUMA´S HEARTS OF PALM DIVISION knows that and starts implement this in the company facilities (at Guápiles, Costa Rica). We have solar panels to pre-heat the water used in the sustainable production of heart of palm.

The panels cover an area of 5382ft2. This allows heat the water to about 158ªF, whereas previously entered only at 75ªF. This has reduced the amount of energy required to complete the process and also reduce the ecological footprint, because this energy means saving 486 tones of CO2.

With this renewable energy implementation, the hearts of palm divivision has made a special contribution to the food production industry in harmony with the environment, thinking in the welfare of the planet Earth and our consumers.