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Hearts of Palm contains fiber, ideal to be consumed before exercise

Dietary fiber can be consumed before exercise

The dietary fiber is the part of the plants that is not processed by the absorption of the small intestine; on the contrary, it goes straight to fermentation in the large intestine.

The dietary fiber doesn’t provide calories, vitamins or energy, but its consumption has many positive effects to the body: it can absorb excess cholesterol, improving gastrointestinal flow and give a feeling of satiety.

Also, to eat this product before or during exercise can be capable of regulating levels of blood sugar and achieve a savings of carbohydrates. On the other hand and due to satiety, the athlete may not feel anxiety during practice.

A portion of hearts of palm before your training is the ideal food to achieve this effect on your body. The hearts of palm also contain minerals such zinc and iron, which will help further improve on your physical performance.

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