Are hearts of palm a sustainable product?

Yes, Demasa – Gruma is committed with sustainability and friendlier agricultural practices. We have also received recognition for our efforts regarding environmental innovation. You can find more information on this matter at the sustainability section of this web site.

Can hearts of palm be used in soups or creams?

Yes actually there are several recipes for soups or creams made with hearts of palm but you can also find hearts of palm creams already made.

Are hearts of palm an appropriate food if you’re on a diet?

Yes, in fact, hearts of palm help you avoid overeating. Read more about the benefits of palm hearts.

Can hearts of palm be cooked?

Yes hearts of palm can be cooked and used in many delicious recipes. Visit the recipe section and start cooking with hearts of palm!

Where, in Tampa, Florida, can I get this product?

You can get hearts of palm at Costco or at Publix.

What is heart of palm?

The heart of palm is the core of the stem of the palm from the species Bactris gasipaes. It is slender, ivory-colored and has a delicately flavored resembling white asparagus, without the tips.  It’s commonly used for making salads, but actually it can be used in many different and exotic dishes.