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Hearts of palm as a pre-workout meal

A good meal before exercising Hearts of palm as a pre-workout meal

It doesn’t matter if you´re going to the gym to a cardio or a Pilates session, one thing is sure:  you need to know what to eat before each session to maximize your efforts and results.

Pre –workout meals should be composed of complex carbs such as fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta and cereals. The complex carbs take a longer time to convert into glucose which will keep your blood sugar level consistent and prevent you from having an energy crash in the middle of your workout.

Hearts of palms are a great choice for you before doing any exercise.

That´s because:

–    Heart of Palms gives you a good amount of energy

–    Hearts of Palm contains carbohydrates, proteins, and it also contains dietary fiber;  an special carbohydrate that improves the digestive health

–    It contains vitamins that benefit your health like vitamin B-9 and A.