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Let’s exercise our legs!

Exercising and eating well

Two of the reasons for exercising our legs are to remove the fat that accumulates in the lower body and to keep them toned and outlined.  Here we present you some exercises you can do at the comfort of your home:
1 – Warm up: Whenever you start an exercise routine you should warm up to avoid tears and injuries.  A good warm up routine is to go up and down the stairs for at least 5 minutes.
2 – Spread: Spread your legs as taking a big step, then, bend both knees down and up. Keep your head forward and contract the abdomen.
3 – Squat: Spread your legs sideways and lower your body, bending the knees while stretching the arms. Your hips should be up to your knees.
4 – Side Elevation: Rise up your leg straight to the side and return it to the original position.
5 – Legs elevation: Place your hands and knees on the floor, then lift one leg up to the hip, flex it and stretch it.
6 – Rise hip: Lay back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, place a pillow between your knees and eventually raise your hip while squeezing the pillow hard.
Do a set of 8 repetitions three times a week and you’ll soon see the results!  And after doing your exercise routine, you can have a few hearts of palm as a healthy snack!