Organic fertilizers, the way to grow in harmony with the environment!

use of organic fertilizers for growing hearts of palm

In the Hearts of Palm division of GRUMA, we are interested in working on a healthy relationship with the environment. Due to this, since 2010 we prepare our organic fertilizers.

The use of chemicals as pesticides and herbicides is damaging the flora and fauna, the ozone layer, soil and humans. Because that, with the goal of minimizing the use of these components, we reuse on a daily basis 100 tons of natural wastes and turn them inorganic fertilizers to apply in our production.

Organic fertilizers make hearts of palm crops grown more naturally both in appearance and taste, much richer in nutrients in comparison to those harvested with agrochemicals.

This is the reason we are very proud of our work done with the highest standards of quality that doesn’t generate negative effects to any society space.