In this section you’ll be able to become more familiar with each variety and presentation of hearts of palm that La Cima, the World’s leader brand, has to offer. This information will help you a lot in order to make a better use of each product in the preparation of your recipes.

Hearts of Palm Medallions

Presentation sizes: 10 oz., 10.3 oz, 14 oz, 14.5 oz, 28 oz.

Description: This piece is soft and delicate in flavor. It is obtained from the base of the meristem of the heart palm. The texture is pleasant and the diameter is uniform

Uses: It can be used in salads, pizzas and in many other dishes, since it mixes very well with multiple ingredients.

Hearts of Palm Medallions # 10, 103oz

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Hearts of Palm Medallions 14.5oz

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Hearts of Palm Medallions 28oz

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Hearts of Palm Medallions 14oz

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