In this section you’ll be able to become more familiar with each variety and presentation of hearts of palm that La Cima, the World’s leader brand, has to offer. This information will help you a lot in order to make a better use of each product in the preparation of your recipes.

Hearts of Palm Slices 28oz

Code 81


These are obtained generally from the tips of the superior cut and part of the meristem base. They are pieces that are a little heterogeneous in shape but the size is very regular. The taste is soft and delicate. This product is a product ready for salads, since all you have to do is open the can, rinse and apply.

Pallet = 120 Cases  |  Case = 12 Units

Hearts of palm in slices, besides being delicious by themselves, can also be prepared in several dishes, such as heart of palm ceviche.


A can of hearts of palm in slices

Onion, sweet pepper, oregano, olives, avocado and tomatoes

Pepper, salt and sugar


Olive oil


Mix the oil with the oregano and let them rest for two hours; then add chopped tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper, olives and avocados; stir the ingredients and add lemon and sugar. Then, serve the sauce on top of the main ingredient: the hearts of palm slices. Add salt and pepper and enjoy!


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