Renewable energy vs Non-renewable energy

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is that which allow use of natural resources in a sustainable way. The non-renewable energy is that in which the resource can only be used once.

The use of non-renewable energy has lead to global warming in the planet, since the production through fossil fuels generates a very high degree of pollution.

On the other hand, green energy (renewable energy) uses natural resource in a way that   generates least impact on the environment.

Green energy benefits:

– None CO2 emissions.
– No difficult disposal of waste.
– No health risks.
– Increased profitability versus non-renewable energy.

Individuals have started to become aware of their obligation to maintain sustainable development; therefore, green energies such as hydroelectric, wind and solar, are currently and constantly expanding worldwide.

Gruma’s Hearts of Palm Division takes real actions in support of the creation and use of renewable energy sources.