Sustainable Agriculture

Our sustainable agricultural production system has evolved with time, sustained in more than 3 years of investigation and systematic observation. We have established a friendlier production system towards nature ….

It is important to mention that maintaining this sustainability process during our increasing productivity has enabled us to maintain the soil covered with vegetation and absorb carbon …..

Also we have established a micro flora brought from the woods with the application of microorganisms and the fermentation of organic residues. ….

So, all this process allows that the heart of palm that we produce can be cultivated with technologies that allow the preservation of our planet in a moment when we have the obligation of collaborating with responsibility in avoiding further global warming.

Today the Heart of Palm is produced in our farms and associate producer farms. Our product gives many benefits to the health and has a delicate and exotic flavor; it is rich in fibers and proteins, and has no fat or cholesterol.  Because of these, it has been accepted by most of the countries in the World. The Heart of Palm in salads or cooked dishes, cold or warm, is a tropical feast for the most demanding tastes.