What is the Water Footprint?

Hearts of Palm division of Gruma cares about its water footprint

The carbon footprint and ecological footprint had been regular topics of conversation in recent years, but, have you ever heard of water footprint as well?

The water footprint is the volume of potable water used by industry, communities or individuals; in order to make such calculation, the water use, evaporation, or water pollution are taken in consideration.

With the goal of promoting awareness of the rational use of water, we share some tips that you and your family can apply at home to reduce your water

– Keep your water system in good condition.
– Ensure that water pipes are close when leaving home.
– Water plants at night.
– Wash the car with buckets instead of hose pipes.
– When doing the dishes, don’t throw trash or oils down in the sink.

Remember that water is the main component of life on Earth, a natural resource we thought before inexhaustible and that makes up 80% of our body.

We should make the most of every drop of water, since this is very important to create harmonious relationship with the environment.