Eating palm will give more vitality!

Hearts of palm are a source of iron, so the consumption can prevent bodily weakness, pallor and fatigue.

Hearts of palm oxygenate our body!

Hearts of palm contains vitamin b2, which is very important for red blood cells perform to the best of its function of carrying oxygen throughout the body.

Fiber improves your health!

Hearts of palm are a food rich in fiber, which helps balance the levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, prevent colon cancer and regulate intestinal transit.

The best you can eat!

Consume hearts of palm, along with other vegetables and healthy food for a wide range of vitamins to support your health.

Beware of calories

If you are preparing a salad with hearts of palm, note that many salad dressings contain fats and oils rich in calories and a hearts of palm salad abundantly covered with dressing becomes a dish high in fat.

The palm heals wounds!

Due to its high content of zinc consuming hearts of palm will help heal wounds faster, so you can safely continue your daily routine.