Vitamins and minerals in hearts of palm

Vitamins and minerals in heart of palm

Hearts of palm are really good to your health, due to their high nutritional value.  Include hearts of palm in your meals, and you will receive a lot of mineral an vitamins, such as: – Potassium:  helps to stabilize all … View more

A complete set of vitamins in hearts of palm

high nutritional food

One cup of fresh hearts of palm provides 11.7 milligrams of antioxidant vitamin C, almost 10 percent of the daily value required.  It also provides 0.073 milligrams of thiamine — or vitamin B-1 — and 0.263 milligrams of thiamine, or … View more

Get the calcium you need

calcium in hearts of palm

One cup of fresh hearts of palm contains 26 milligrams of bone-strengthening calcium and 204 milligrams of phosphorus, which assists calcium in strengthening and maintaining the skeleton.

Hearts of palm help you avoid overeating

Loss weight with hearts of palm

At a reasonable 168 calories per cup, hearts of palm are a good snack for people trying to maintain healthy weight. With high levels of both soluble and insoluble fiber, hearts of palm can promote efficient elimination while create a … View more