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Vitamin B6 for high performance aerobic exercises

Vitamin B6 for high performance aerobic exercises

Vitamin B6 is one of the most important vitamins to generate the necessary energy for physical activity, because it uses the energy from stored carbohydrates (glycogen) and reduces fatty acid from vitamins. Glycogen is an energy that burns quickly, so … View more

Let’s exercise our legs!

Exercising and eating well

Two of the reasons for exercising our legs are to remove the fat that accumulates in the lower body and to keep them toned and outlined.  Here we present you some exercises you can do at the comfort of your … View more

Characteristics of hearts of palm that make them an excellent food choice

Heart of palm characteristics

Maybe you have heard about hearts of palm and asked what are they? Hearts of palm are exactly what they sound like: they are the inner part of a palm tree. It’s a nutritious vegetable with a soft texture and mild … View more

Enjoy a better life: Exercise and eat healthy!

Get in shape with hearts of palm

Currently, exercising is not limited to a fitness routine. Here we will inform you about different forms of exercising that people are enjoying all around the world. Zumba The exercise consists of dancing Latin rhythms at high speed under a … View more

Palm hearts, so tasty, so healthy

Nutritional value of hearts of palm

Hearts of palm might be known for its delicate and tender flavor, the soft and delicious consistency at every bite, and its pristine ivory-white tone, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to palm stems; hearts … View more

Hearts of palm as a pre-workout meal

A good meal before exercising Hearts of palm as a pre-workout meal

It doesn’t matter if you´re going to the gym to a cardio or a Pilates session, one thing is sure:  you need to know what to eat before each session to maximize your efforts and results. Pre –workout meals should … View more