Hearts of palm Information

Costa Rica: a producer of hearts of palm for more than 200 years

The most common hearts of palm in Costa Rica are obtained from the peach palm, which has been present in this country since the pre-Columbian times. The palm was essential in the diet of the indigenous people of Talamanca, and … View more

What is Palmito (heart of palm)?

The heart of palm (known as palmito) is the core of the stem of the palm from the species Bactris gasipaes, the same which is cultivated in our Costa Rica farms. The harvesting of the palm is done when it … View more

History of DEMASA´S Hearts of Palm Division

Hearts of palm has been eaten for thousands of years in Central and South America. Even prior to Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World, the Carib Indians were eating both the nuts and the hearts of palm of the … View more