Demasa hearts of palm division aims to be carbon neutral in 2014

Demasa – Palmito division plans to cut 20% of its CO2 emissions and increase energy independence with a solar power plant. Currently the company is in the second stage to get certified as carbon neutral.

Source: El Financiero (Natalia Diaz / 2013)

Demasa Palmito Division – called La Cima – scored this month the verification of carbon footprint, issued by the British organization Carbon Trust.

Emission measurement was performed according to the methodology outlined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), an international tool that takes into account emissions from transport, power generation and other activities related to business activities.

This is the first step to obtain  the certification of carbon neutrality in its operations, this goal might be achieved in the next year, said Vinicio Arias , head of the Environmental Department of La Cima.

Currently the company is in the second stage to get certified as carbon neutral, which seek to make more evident the reduction of emissions to the implementation of high-impact projects.

Demasa has invested about $100,000 in the construction of a solar power plant that replaced the bunker energy fed machinery, which represents 70% of current CO2 emissions.

This plant achieves a minimum reduction of 20% of current carbon emissions, and attains considerable state energy self-sustainability.

During the revision of their carbon footprint, the producer was able to reduce the original measurement of 3,000 tons of CO2 in 2011 to about 2,500 tons in 2012. That is, a reduction of 19% of the CO2 emitted during the production process of hearts of palm.
Arias said that this reduction was achieved through operational changes that did not involve large investments or affected the productivity of the company, such as abandoning the use of one of the two boilers used during cooking of the product.

Also they modified the process water, which is now obtained directly from wells, which also reduced the energy consumption.