Like Crab, Like Palm

Hearts of palm forms part of one of the recipes that appear in the popular book “Crazy Sexy Kitchen”, part of New York Times Best Sellers list, and the work of chef Chad Sarno and bestselling author, speaker and health advocate Kris Carr.
Currently the senior culinary educator for Whole Foods Market, Sarno is a published chef, consultant, and speaker known for his unique culinary style and his wellness and culinary education advocacy.

He teams up in this book with Carr, author of the award-winning Crazy Sexy Cancer documentary film and book series, who has become one of the most popular wellness activists in the United States after being diagnosed with a rare and incurable type of cancer.

“Crazy Sexy Kitchen” provides, in the words of Carr, “more than 150 nourishing, nosh-worthy recipes”, and the beloved hearts of palm are part of this veggie paradise of cooking. In this case, is a delicious recipe of crab-like cakes, replacing the crab with hearts of palm. Sarno even presented the recipe for a TV audience last march on WCSH Portland, to the amusement of anchor Rob Caldwell, who enjoyed the tasty cakes.
This is another great example of the options that you can have with the delicious hearts of palm.