In this section you’ll be able to become more familiar with each variety and presentation of hearts of palm that La Cima, the World’s leader brand, has to offer. This information will help you a lot in order to make a better use of each product in the preparation of your recipes.

Precut Double Layer Hearts of Palm

Presentation sizes: 13 oz., 26 oz.

Description: This product is obtained from the meristem or growing point of the stem. This is where the plant concentrates all nutrients and where the enzyme dynamic for the development of the leaf is more intense. This is why the flavor is stronger and texture is soft and delicate. This piece is slightly conical, but delicious due to the softness and strong flavor.

Uses: It is ideal to make rolls “jamón Serrano”, bacon or salmon. It can also be made with rice or salads as shown in some of the recipes in our site.

Precut Double Layer Hearts of Palm 26oz

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Precut Double Layer Hearts of Palm 13oz

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