In this section you’ll be able to become more familiar with each variety and presentation of hearts of palm that La Cima, the World’s leader brand, has to offer. This information will help you a lot in order to make a better use of each product in the preparation of your recipes.

Whole Hearts of Palm

Presentation sizes: 14 oz, 13 oz, 14.5 oz

Description: This could be considered as the standard presentation and the most popular in the market. In this presentation we use the intermediate sections of the hearts of palm. The texture is firm and the hearts of palm have a nice flavor.

Uses: Salads and special meals

Presentation sizes: 28 oz

Description: This presentation packs 6 to 9 palmito pieces into a can, using the first cuts from the base of the palm heart. It has a slightly stronger taste.

Uses: It is appropriate for general use, in salads and special recipes. Due to the size it is commonly used in restaurants and hotel businesses.

Whole Hearts of Palm in 28oz (1 Kg)

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Whole Hearts of Palm in 14.5oz

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Whole Hearts of Palm in 13oz

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Whole Hearts of Palm in 14oz (1/2 kg)

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